10 Best Mobile Apps For Creating & Editing Promotional Videos for Your Digital Marketing Campaign in 2021

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If you are a social media influencer or trying to be one, video editing is a skill that you definitely need. Many internet stars hire editors, which shows that the skill has a high demand. Video editing is a relatively simple skill but needs a lot of patience to get the job done. It’s gotten so simple that you can edit high-quality videos on the go on your smartphone from anywhere.

When you get started with video editing one question might have popped into your mind; ‘what is the best software to use for video editing’? So today to help make that decision for you, we bring you a list of video editing apps in 2021.

Best Paid & Free Easy-to-use Promotional Video Maker Apps for Marketers.

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10) Apple iMovie

This software is available for free with your Mac device. Its very user friendly. The only downside for this amazing software is that it works only on mac. For free software, it has a lot of features that help you edit your videos like a pro.  It makes it super easy to make an immaculate edit and has amazing sound and video quality that will surely wow you.

9) Shotcut

Shotcut is an amazing free video editing software that can be used to make clean and simple edits to your videos. It is also available on Windows, Linux and Mac, so you can use it on almost any computer.  Shotcut has a wide range of filters and effects. It supports a lot of different type of file formats and lets you edit in peace without having to worry about file compatibility.  It also offers a customisable user interface which makes it easy for you to personalise the app to your liking.

8) Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a video editing software that can be used both on mac and windows. It has more than 180 visual effects. There are both free and paid versions of the software. The free version gets the job done. Hitfilm Express also gives you the feature to edit some 3D effects into you project making it stand out from the rest of the content on the internet.

7) Lightworks

Lightworks is a professional software for video editing. It has even been used to edit many popular Hollywood movies.  It is available on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Even though the software has a paid version, you get nearly most of the features for free. For users that are new to the software, it also offers a good bunch of tutorial videos to help your learn.

6) KineMaster

One of the video editing apps available on smartphone, for both iOs and Android, KineMaster is not inferior to the other editing software on this list. Its instant preview feature lets you review the edits you recently made.  For a free app, it gives you the features of most professional video editing software.

5) Vimeo Create

Vimeo create is a video editing software available on Browser, iOS, Android. It has a lot of templates and stock content that will help you in editing your videos. You get most of the professional editing features on your phone, which will help you edit your videos on the go.

4) Filmora9

Filmora is an easy to use, user-friendly video editing software.it is available on Windows & Mac. It is a very popular app with many reasonably priced packages. It is a very useful app for those who want to learn video editing. There is also a free trial of the paid version so that you can test and see for yourself is the package is worth paying.

3) Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio is a high-quality video editing software for beginners, available on windows. It is very cheap and is easy to learn and use. It supports many new features like  4K video support,  multi-cam editing, 360-degrees VR video support, etc.

2) Final Cut Pro X

This is the number 1 video editing s9oftware that is available on mac.  It has many of the latest features and will help you in making amazing professional-level edits.  It also supports unlimited video tracks.  It has a wonderful user interface that will give you the tools to edit the video exactly how you want it to.

1) Adobe Premiere Pro

The most popular video editing software for Mac and Windows alike, Adobe premiere is widely used and is relied upon by many video editing professionals. The platform is so full of features, it will help you do anything, absolutely anything related to video editing. The only downside of this software is that it is expensive. If you’re able to afford it and master the features, it will surely be the best video editing software you will have ever used.  

Final words:

Now that you know what the best video editing software out there are, why don’t you try a couple and have some with edits? You can make funny edits with your friends and laugh around with them or you can make short films and give it a professional feel with your edits.  There is no limit to what you can achieve with the power of video editing. Have fun!

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